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White Blank Page: Turn Plain Walls Into Art Galleries

White blank page and a swelling rage. (Mumford & Sons shoutout.)

Nothing gives me more anxiety than a white blank page.

Wait, scratch that. What am I talking about? There are a billion things that give me more anxiety than blank space. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty high up there on the list of things that cause me to drink calming teas.

Whether that blank page be the emptiness of this blog post before I begin writing or the bare walls of a brand new house or apartment, I usually have trouble resting until they’re covered in art.

When I first moved out of my parents’ house at 19 I had no idea what I wanted my new apartment to look or feel like. I just knew I wanted to stay as far away from “dorm style” as possible. Over the years, my home and my style have gone over many, many makeovers.

With my walls always being the starting point and centerpiece for all of my trials and mistakes, I have been incredibly pleased with finally finding a niche in today’s current decor trends.

I’ve noticed the trend in wall decor is shifting from galleries covered in knickknacks and rounded, wooden frames to galleries of very large minimalistic pieces that are often in muted tones and encased in thin black frames.

Admittedly, this type of wall decor often appears in Scandinavian-styled homes. But what can I say? I’m a sucker for that style.

Browse below from some ideas and inspiration!

Shay-Cochrane-The-Everygirl-Wall Art

Via: The Everygirl

Make a room feel bigger with a floor to ceiling gallery.

badlands-wall art

Via: Badlands

For the minimalists out there (like myself), this subtle black and white gallery is the perfect way to give some personality to a white-washed wall.

Art Gallery Scandinavian Home

Via: My Scandinavian Home

Apartment-Apothocary-Wall Art

Via: Apartment Apothecary


Via: Style & Create

Here we go again with those gray walls. Like I said, I’m a sucker for this. However, I’d actually prefer sticking green splashes of color up there as opposed to black and white. I also really like the eye-catching yellow background of that first painting.

IKEA Inspired Wall Gallery

Via Bloglovin’

I love the idea of putting large or small frames onto shelves rather than directly on the wall. It allows you to combine different elements of your room with ease. Perfect harmony.

Plus its easier for redecorating and rearranging. Win, win.

Wall Gallery Apartment Therapy

Via Apartment Therapy


Share your own galleries from home or some of your favorite inspirations!


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