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Simply Scandinavian: White Walls and Neutral Tones

From advertisements to film to home decor, minimalism has been at the forefront of the design and art scene since the early 1900’s. Like any trend, it has weaved its way in and out of popularity over time, but, over the past two years, minimalism has breathed new life. However, the homes in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland have long established their own take on the trend.

The classic style has an interesting, homey feel with Scandinavian influences. Some of my
favoriteĀ magazines and blogs have noted the Nordic tones and Swedish styles sweeping the country. White
walls splashed with wood finishes and cacti green have slowly been making their way into the pages of stylish magazines and interior enthusiast journals.

My own home has been invaded by the coziness of the natural woods and simple elegance of the muted colors.

One of my favorite trends to come from the Scandinavian theme is the use of copper, particularly when it comes to lighting.

Copper Globe Light Pendant Scandinavian Interiors

Via Dwell

The metallic tones bring a glittering touch to the otherwise neutral-washed room.

Another part of this trend that has been filling up my shelf space (and any other free space I can find) is the use of cacti. Scandinavians are known for their love of nature and outdoor activities so its no surprise that plant life is a major part of their interiors.

Succulents have been inside every store from Earthbound Trading Co. to TJ Maxx for the past year or so, but cacti both large and small are now making their own identity in the home decor world. Swedish blogĀ Trendenser began posting about the use of cacti as far back as 2015.

Cactus Living Room Decor Scandinavian Interiors

Via Amanda Barnes Interiors

This trend piggybacks on the natural greens and plant life trend found in Swedish homes: natural woods. It invites a very serene, one-with-nature feeling into a home. A room full of natural sunlight can help brighten the dark tones.

Via A Beautiful Mess

Darker hues such as grays and blues are another Scandinavian staple making their way into American homes. Typically, American homes are filled with bright, splashy colors so choosing to paint one’s living room in a gray or navy color might seem intimidating. Personally, I think it would be best to have an accent wall that helps the chosen color really stand out from the rest of the room and prevent the room from obtaining cave-like darkness. It could also bring new focus to the white pillows and wooden frames surrounding the rest of the trend.

Scandinavian Gray Walls

Via Coco Lapine Design

Subway tiles are my favorite trend for bathrooms and kitchens! They are so elegant and make any space look clean and refined. Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to clean.

Subway Tile Scandinavian Interiors

Via Coco Lapine Design

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