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How To Boost Your Creativity With These Bohemian Workspace Styles

In either May or August, depending on how certain situations turn out, I will officially be packing up out of my little studio apartment, where my living room doubles as an office and dining room, and head for a house. A house! With an actual full-sized bedroom! This a huge step up for me.

This move will the first time in my life where I have the chance to decorate an house soldentire house rather than just a small spaces. Meaning I can finally make structural changes! Goodbye apartment living!

I lived in this house over the summer, and although it wasn’t yet my official home, I spent more time than I’d like to admit figuring out new ways to amp up the bare walls and empty guest rooms.

Most of my planning thus far consists of sending late-night screenshots of Pinterest boards accompanied by an overzealous amount of heart eye emojis.

But the room I’m most excited to tackle, and the purpose of this post, is the home office.

Well, I generously call it a home office. The room is currently filled with an old desk and a mattress on the ground in front of an old plasma screen TV. But after I’m done with it, it’ll be my new home office dang it!

Most of the house is set to be Scandinavian-inspired. (I know, who could’ve guessed that?) so I want this room to have a different kind of vibe. After weeks of mulling it over, I still had no idea what I wanted.

Until I saw this picture.

Bohemian Workspace from Design Sponge

Via Design Sponge

Instantly and surely I knew I wanted a bohemian-style office. (My obsession with cow skulls is unreal.) I wanted an office that I know won’t distract me, but encourage me. One that might even help boost my creativity and productivity.

I’m not normally a fur person, but this accent blanket on the chair below is absolutely perfect! Adding that extra texture provides just the right amount of comfort to help keep yourself a bit more relaxed while working.

bohemian workspace

Via Decorator’s Notebook

This next one is a bit more on the Scandinavian side with its white walls and soft colored beams. If those stark white walls don’t help you concentrate then add a blanket ladder to help mellow¬†the mood.

scandinavian office

Via Gravity Home

Add a little greenery to your workspace! Being inside for most of the day can have negative effects on our health, so it is suggested to bring some of that nature indoors. It has been proven that plants in an office help reduce stress, increase productivity, create cleaner air, and even help reduce noise pollution.

bohemian workspace

Via Studded Hearts

Place a corkboard or inspiration wall near your computer. Use it to display any kind of inspiration such as art, let it help you stay organized, or use it to jot down a quick idea or to-do list. Get creative! The more imaginative your board, the better your productivity. The one shown below adds a perfect mellow vibe that ties the entire space together.


Via Pursuit of Daydreams

All of these and more can be found on my Pinterest board, Workspaces and Offices.

Get The Look: Where to Shop to Find Bohemian Workspace Accents


Everything’s Rosy Paint by Behr– $40.98 per gallon


Alseda Stool from IKEA– $29.99

Askel Desk

Askel Brown Wood 3-Drawer Writing Desk– $332.99

faux fur pelt

Faux Fur Pelt from Target– $29.74

artificial cactus

 Artificial Cactus in Pot from TargetР$28.49

DIY Quilt Ladder

DIY Quilt Ladder– $10

What are some of your favorite home office pieces?

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