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About Cozy Interiors

Come Home to Comfort

Cozy Interiors is a new interior design and lifestyle blog. Created in March 2017, Cozy Interiors is┬ádedicated to finding the latest interior design trends and help curate stylish, relaxing homes. From interiors, DIY, bargain hunting and tutorials- this blog aims to take on anything you’d need to make your living space a happy place to come home to.

We hope to partner with other interior design, lifestyle, photography or fashion blogs. Contact us with any questions regarding guest blogging or advertising.



Meet the Founder

Courtney. University of North Texas. Part time blogger, full time avid dog lover. I once won a hula hoop contest at a family reunion. It’s my favorite thing to brag about.

Based on my blog content of choice, you might assume I’m going for a degree in interior design or something of that nature. Well I’m here to delightfully inform you that you are wrong. I’m actually double-majoring Digital Retailing and Merchandising. But my passion and interest for interior design and decorating needed an outlet so here we are.

For those naysayers who believe that my blog and current field of study have no correlation, allow me to share a little secret with you. Cozy Interiors helps me practice some useful knowledge I’ve gained in my classes such as social media and digital marketing, SEO, web analytics and development and of course, content. Take that!

My dad and I casually looking like twins.

When I’m not in class, blogging or eating you can generally find me either attempting to be outdoorsy, geeking out on or watching Friends reruns.